Melanie Elyza

First Impressions

Melanie Elyza is a sultry Filipino babe with a fantastic body and based on the tour pictures I´m intrigued to see what she offers inside. Her body is that of a centerfold with big tits, a tight waist and a nice ass. She has nice ass too so she brings the most arousing shape a girl can have to her site. Those plump lips of hers are breathtaking too. The tour presents lots of super glamorous content where she wears gorgeous outfits, has perfect hair and makeup and poses like a centerfold in a classy magazine. There are surprisingly few girls like that online so it´s always nice to see another added to the collection.

Hot Promises

The implicit promises of beauty are the best reason to join Melanie Elyza but she knows you need more information. The tour promises you weekly updates, 1600px pictures, zips for download and lots of lingerie sets to turn you on. The videos are promised in high definition in WMV and FLV so you can stream or download. She has a webcam and says she shows up twice a week. You also get access webcam shows with a slew of other girls. There´s mention of a journal as well and I can´t wait to see how much of it she has delivered on.


It´s never a good sign when a model´s Twitter feed hasn´t been updated in six months. It seems as though she never really updated it though. The journal that you´re supposed to be able to read was only updated once and it appears as though she hasn´t done anything with the site for six months. The webcam archives have only two shows, the last one being added on February 11, 2010. That´s roughly six months ago. It seems fair to say that this site is no longer being updated but since none of the content is dated I can´t tell for sure. I can say with certainty that Melanie is no longer participating and that´s disappointing enough.

The member´s area is well-designed and easy to browse. There´s a nav bar along the top of the page that takes you to the content sections and the few advertisements are generally pushed to the bottom of the page so they don´t get in the way. In the picture section you´ll see 20 galleries listed per page with a brief title and small thumbnailed pictures to tease. The videos are the same way.

Melanie Elyza has 42 image sets for your pleasure. The galleries display at 1600px and even though zip files are promised on the tour they don´t exist in the member´s area. It´s so bizarre that sites promise stuff they completely fail to deliver. Do they think that members will just forget about that stuff? You can download individual pictures but obviously it would be a major task to download an entire gallery. Most sets have 50-100 shots for your pleasure.

I didn´t realize that Melanie Elyza is a non-nude model when I browsed the tour. Perhaps they make it clear but it was a little disappointing to discover that her big titties aren´t shown in the nude. There are plenty of non-nude models online though. The problem here is that Elyza doesn´t compensate by doing interesting stuff with her galleries. She mostly just stands around. You get a few different poses and a whole lot of pictures that look exactly the same because she´s not really mixing it up. If you´re going to go non-nude as a model you really have to work in lots of different poses. If you want to show your tits then you don´t need to work that hard on new poses.

The outfit variety is good. Melanie wears lots of sexy lingerie sets that are designed to tease her body and they do the job well. Her big tits always look tremendous and she does a good job of flashing her cleavage to encourage arousal. She has two sweater galleries so those that love big titties in sexy sweaters will be delighted. A body like hers deserves to be in a bikini so expect to see tasty bikini shots with the beautiful babe. You can always expect her to look glamorous as well. Her makeup and hair are flawless and she looks splendidly arousing when she steps in front of the camera.

The videos can only be downloaded in MOV format, unlike the WMV that´s promised on the tour. They look really good but I´ve always found QuickTime (or iTunes) to be a bloated video player that sucks down resources and pales in comparison to Windows Media Player or the Media Player Classic program that´s a streamlined version. It´s another example of a promise made on the tour not being kept in the member´s area. There are no streaming Flash versions either. I don´t know if the movies are high definition but they look pretty great so it´s not a huge concern.

The videos offer a tempting mix of content. There are two clips where she poses in tiny bikinis and you get to admire her rather large breasts after they´ve been in the pool so they´re wet and slippery. In another she puts whipped cream on her titties to cover the nipples. There are several lingerie videos, a few behind the scenes clips so you can get to know her a little and lots where she holds her hands over her titties to cover them up. The 21 movies are actually far better than the picture galleries because they´re more interactive show more skin and allow you to get to know Melanie a little bit.

Melanie obviously doesn´t do webcam shows anymore and if the archives are any indication she never really did them in the first place. Luckily you don´t have to rely on her for your webcam pleasures. There´s a full network of babes ready to entertain and anyone that joins gets access to all of it. There are typically 1-3 shows per day and they all star tremendously young and sexy chicks doing dirty deeds. Some are non-nude models like Melanie and they will pose and tease and others get fully naked and fuck their pussies with dildos. It´s an enormous collection of webcam girls and if you´re into solo cam shows then it´s the best reason to join.

Croco´s Opinion

From the start it´s clear that much of what Melanie promised you will not come to pass in the member´s area. She no longer participates in the site so the journaling and webcam shows are out the window. The webcam archive only features a paltry two scenes so that part of the site was probably never going strong. The picture galleries and vides don´t appear to be updated any longer and with 42 galleries and 21 videos it´s a rather small collection for $25/month. Her Twitter feed is no longer updated either so it would appear that she´s simply done. That´s disappointing for a site like this. Also disappointing is the fact that she´s a non-nude model and her picture galleries are often boring because they feature so little action. A few poses spread across 75 shots is far from the entertainment it should be. The webcam shows featuring the other girls are the site´s saving grace. There´s such a high volume and the girls are so beautiful that it´s hard to resist getting in there and having some fun with them. That´s the reason to join and the stuff with Melanie is like a tasty bonus.


She could really use more information about the videos since just one screenshot hardly does the job.

Pricing Policy

It´s $24.95 every 30 days and $65.00 if you want to sign up for 90 days in advance.

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